Elite Nailspa
Customer satisfaction is our top priority
About Us

Elite Nailspa is located south of the river, in the heart of Apple Valley (between Petco & Rainbow) and has been in business serving men and women since 2005. We are a family owned salon with a professional, highly skilled, caring staff with years of experience and expertise in natural nail care, nail enhancements, waxings, facials and massages. 

We provide a relaxed, fun atmosphere where you will immediately notice a difference with the services we offer. We will never make you feel rushed because we take the time to really listen to your needs, make sure you feel pampered whether you had a long day at work, or simply need a ME day. We will go out of our way to make sure you feel welcomed the first time around, but more importantly, to make sure you will feel at home each time after that.  

We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and our visibly clean, sanitary environment. Nothing is more important in this industry than keeping our clients safe from bacteria. We strictly enforce sanitation procedures to ensure that tools and basins are properly disinfected and cleaned after each use. Our pedicure chairs contain a pipeless whirlpool jet system. As the name implies, our pedicure chairs DO NOT have pipes circulating at the base of the chair. Pipes provide an area for hair and dead skin to accumulate, creating a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Pipeless whirlpool systems eliminate the use of pipes and instead of water being piped in and out; the water is fully replaced between each use which guarantees cleanliness and safety for clients.

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